Cryogenic pumps: principles and vacuum head maintenance

Technologie du vide
MS132 - 14 hours


To diagnose symptoms of deterioration, plan and carry out preventive maintenance.
To understand the technology of vacuum production and cryogenic pumps.
To be able to carry out a complete level 1 maintenance on cryogenic pumps independantly.

This training will give you the knowledge and the good practice that will allow you to maximise the use, performance and lifespan of the pumps.



Maintenance staff and users.
Maintenance Technicians.



Prior experience on vacuum installations is preferable.



Lectures and «hands on» exercises.
Customised training manual.
Prior interview with the trainees possible in order to qualify their needs.
Multiple choice questions at the start and end of the training.
Training centres integrated with 40-30 workshops.
During this training, using AMPS, an interactive pedagogic tool, practical maintenance.
Maximum 6 persons per group.


PRICE per person

Please, contact us.
We need 3 registrations to open a session.



Training Department : +33(0)4 76 84 40 30

Can be also held in your premises for a specific training.

Each session is limited to 6 trainees.



Michel THIAM: PhD in Physics (Strong Experience in Surface Physics and Surface Chemistry under UHV Conditions), from 40-30 Engineering Department; certified COFREND NDT Using level 2.



1- The physics of vacuum

General familiarisation on the production of vacuum
Notions of pressure
Choice of the pump depending of the process

2- Technology, operation and use of vacuum pumps

Overall view
Design and function
Pollution and decontamination
Measurement of vibration
Maintenance frequency
Recognition of the symptoms caused by deterioration

3- Overhauling the Cryo OB400

Disassembling the vacuum side of the pump
Rebuild the vacuum side
Helium leak detection
Installation of the pump on to the test bench
Testing using the dedicated bench

4- Diagnostics and fault finding
Most common breakdowns: contamination problems, leak detection…

Selection of equipment according to your application.