About us

40-30 provides solutions to improve
your productivity and optimise your maintenance

For 25 years, the field of 40-30 is focussed on vacuum technologies and gas analysis, electronic and radio frequency, mechanical parts and sub-assembly cleaning for cleanliness applications, service or repair on production & laboratory equipment.


40-30 established.


Established a facility for service in ULIS, Paris, France.


Established St-Egrève for ultra-pur cleaning, Grenoble, France.


Established 40-30 Singapore a wholly owned subsidiary.
Factory established in Bernin, Grenoble, France, a building with a surface area of 2,800 m², equipped with clean rooms and a workshop extension in St -Etienne de St-Geoirs, Grenoble, France.


Launch of 40-30 AMPS (Advanced Management Procedures System) software and the 40-30 SC e-commerce platform.

▪ 3 group premises specialised in vacuum, electronics & cleaning ▪ 220 technical staff
▪ 8 fields service & repair centres ▪ Turnover 20 M€ ▪ 25 000 service/repairs p/a
▪ R&D investment 10% turnover